Hi, I’m Christina.

If you stumbled onto my website by accident (or completely on purpose),

here’s all you need to know about me:

1. I design & maintain WordPress websites. Been doing it since 2007 and have earned the title “WordPress Ninja” from more than one client :-)

2. I provide Virtual Assistant services (also since 2007) to a cornucopia of clients in a variety of industries but, I tend to work mostly with Coaches & those in the Metaphysical field.

3. I live in Upstate NY (above Albany but below Lake George) with my husband, 2 pups & 2 (of my 4) kids- where we have 18 4 seasons, lots of trees and even ducks and chickens living next door.

4. I love to dowse using my pendulum and am happy to dowse for missing items. I’ve been known to hit a 60-75% accuracy when I’m on a roll.

5. I love the metaphysical world but, I also have a mind of my own- no woo-woo crap here.

6. Everything I read/learn is put through my BS meter- it takes a lot to convince me of anything.

7. I am a certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Energy healer & Crystal hoarder. I dabble in Tarot card readings as well and am pretty good at it 😉 Info

8. I am currently attempting to write a book so I’ve started a BLOG to practice writing. 

9. I’ve recently decided to offer Mojo Mentoring sessions. Click here to find out more!

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